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...to see a rather moving sculpture made from battered old coats donated by the equally bombed out people of Cologne, and noted that there is a debate coming up in the cathedral entitled: “Can culture regenerate cities?”
Waldemar Januszczak, Sunday times, 26/09/04

...it ´s impressive...
Dave Cullen/Paul Coslett, BBC

“These sculptures will be a great source of interest and an excellent addition to the Biennial”
Councellor Warren Bradley, Executive Member of Leisure and Culture, Liverpool

“Sculptures of old coats weaves a tale of two cities”.
Daily Post, Liverpool 23/09/04

“We also congratulate you on your recent exhibition at the Liverpool Biennial 2004.”
Yoshiko I. Wada, President, World Shibori Network - World; Co-Chair, International Shibori-Symposium ´05

It is only a small selection - we got back more than 100 sides of impressions! - Thank you all!

“...an amazing piece of work - sensitive and thought provoking, a piece that could keep growing. Well done!”
Andrea & Thomas

“Some things stay in your heart forever - this work is one of them.”

“A wonderful, interesting exhibition of coats of many stories with different life experiences and memories. Congratulations on a profound idea!”
Angela & Mike

“A superb idea! So original and stimulating. I shall be telling everyone about it.”

“Art has become so sterile and precious, It is so fine to be able to really interact with an exhibition full of warmth and personality. It makes one think what lives are hidden in the pockets of people walking down the street.”

“It was good to read how different lives are.”
Eva, 8 years

“...it is really special.”
Shao Xi (China)

“A wonderful exhibition of unity!”
Claire, London

“...para la eternidad...”
not readable

“A wonderful project. Northern Ireland could benefit so much from something similar.”
Siobhan, Belfast

“...the project is very interesting and very sophisticated. I forces people.....”
Agnes & Eve (Poland)

Mrs. and Mr. Hall (Canada)

“There are many ways to climb the mountain. Wonderful.”
Mrs. Schroeder (Germany)

“PS.: I especially liked the blue coat.”
Rhiannon, 13 years

“A creative and pregnant piece of art. Thanks.”
Leanne (London)

“...my visit to these exhibition has been one the the highlights on my visit to the UK.”
Glen (Durban, South Africa)

“An interesting idea, but I would prefer messages of people from different places of the world with different clothes, not only occidental.”
Damal (Spain)

We also! Let´s find some sponsors!
Veronika and Lin from Cologne and Liverpoo

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